‘Phelps’ new work foregrounds precisely this duality in the nature of human invention. Her fictional scenarios have a darker side, hinting at loss, vulnerability and our manipulation of the natural world. The furred and feathered creatures for whom she has designed individual radar countermeasures are of the kind that are regarded with suspicion or hostility, or at best with ambivalence.’

Extract from Moving Targets, by Angela Weight, Independent Curator and Writer:

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‘Lyndall Phelps has patently misapplied such technology here, and it is with great amusement that I see the nefarious invading grey squirrel, so loathed by many, being offered a tray of ‘nuts’ to counter the refined biological ‘radar’ of the goshawk, which in turn sits wearing its characteristic frown when confronted with another crude countermeasure. There is no shame in anthropomorphising the rodent’s desperation and the bird’s sneering.’

Extract from an essay by Chris Packham, Naturalist and Wildlife Broadcaster: